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With the future of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal limited to a small number of high profile leaders, and a modern Cambodian population of which some 70% of the population was born after the worst of the Khmer Rouge genocide, Cambodia is facing a turning point. On the one hand, Cambodians run a real risk of losing a firm grip on understanding, memorializing and ultimately accepting a difficult past. On the other hand, a rapidly globalizing Cambodia must take on new challenges of sustainable growth, democratic integrity and human rights.

Building on pre-existing Democratic Kampuchea (Khmer Rouge) education programs that were established using the Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam)’s curriculum, the classroom forums entitled ‘The Importance of Studying the History of Democratic Kampuchea’, are an engaging two-hour-long session that is intended primarily for grade 12 students. Working closely with school administrations, the sessions provide students with a forum that cultivates an atmosphere of reflection, critical thinking and constructive dialogue. The classroom forum project has conducted a total of 32 sessions since 2016 and has now reached more than 10,000 students. The purpose of these forums is primarily to educate students on the history of Democratic Kampuchea (DK) as well as providing lessons that highlight the importance of learning this history. Students actively participate in an informative discussion that also involves narrative history,

human rights issues, the legacies of the DK regime, the process of reconciliation as well as genocide awareness and prevention. The distribution of A History of Democratic Kampuchea, 1975-1979 a textbook published by DC-Cam, is a key component of the Genocide Prevention Education Program and routinely elicits a positive response from participating students. The forums also provide an opportunity for trained DC-Cam/MoEYS officials to facilitate mentoring opportunities with local staff and teachers.

One (1) day per forum with students encompasses presentation, group activities and discussion. The forum will be attended by the respective school headmaster or representative and students who do not have class at the time of the forum.
The headmaster or representative will open the forum and DC-Cam Democratic Kampuchea (DK) history coordinator will provide a short introduction about the project and the purpose of the forum. Students will be encouraged to answer several general questions on DK history or their parents’ experience by working in groups and present their findings to entire forum. Students will also be encouraged to ask questions and share their knowledge gained from this forum with their classmates. Each student receives a copy of a History of DK textbook at the end of the forum and is advised to use it for their history class.

Classroom Forum on “The Importance of Studying the History of Democratic Kampuchea (1975-1979)” — 2020

Letter from MoEYs

Schedule: Khmer | English

Program: Khmer | English

Prey Pnoeu, Prey Veng Province, November 5,2019: Photo/Report

Ba Phnom, Prey Veng Province, December 5,2019: Photo/Report

Chea Sim Reak Chey, Prey Veng Province, January 30,2020: Photo/Report

Chann Krissna, Prey Veng Province, February 27,2020: Photo/Report

Angkor Sor, Prey Veng Province, March 11,2020: Photo/Report

Kamchay Mear, Prey Veng province, March 31,2020: Photo/Report

Cheach, Prey Veng Province, May 5,2020: Photo/Report

Hun Sen Svay Antor, Prey Veng Province, May 27,2020: Photo/Report

Hun Sen Pean Rong, Prey Veng Province, June 23,2020: Photo/Report

Hun Sen Peam Ro, Prey Veng Province, July 9,2020: Photo/Report

Classroom Forum on “The Importance of Studying the History of Democratic Kampuchea (1975-1979)” – 2019

Hun Sen Kampong Porpil, Prey Veng province, June 26, 2019: Photos|Report

Kampong Leav, Prey Veng province, June 5, 2019: Photos|Report
Chamroeun Vichea, Prey Veng province, May 29. 2019: Photos|Report

Preah Ang Dong High School, Prey Veng province, May 16, 2019: Photos|Report

Prek Sandek High School, Prey Veng province, Apr 24, 2019: Photos|Report

Pea Reang High School, Prey Veng province, Mar 22, 2019: Photos|Report

Svay Rormeat High School, Prey Veng province, Mar 18. 2019: Photos|Report

Kampong Tralach High School, Kampong Chhnang, Feb 22, 2019: Photos|Report

Mesang High School, Prey Veng province, Feb 7, 2019: Photos|Report

 Classroom Forum on “The Importance of Studying the History of Democratic Kampuchea (1975-1979)” – 2018

Hun Sen Samrong High School, July 11, 2018: Photos|Report

Hun Sen Phnom Penh Thmey High School, June 5, 2018: Photos|Report

Borey 100 Khnang High School, May 8, 2018: Photos|Report

Tuol Prasat Sen Sokh High School, March 7, 2018: Photos|Report

Chea Sim Samaki High School, February 20, 2018: Photos|Report

Indratevy High School, February 6, 2018: Photos|Report

Chea Sim Santhor Mok High School, January 30, 2018: Photos|Report

Koh Dach Hight School, January 23, 2018: Photos|Report

Classroom Forum on “The Importance of Studying the History of Democratic Kampuchea (1975-1979)” – 2017

Chea Sim Chamroeunrath Eng High School, December 13, 2017: Photos|Report

Sa-Ang High School, November 20, 2017: Photos|Report

Chhroy Changva High School, June 26, 2017: Photos|Report

Prek Leap High School, June 8, 2017: Photos|Report

Prek Thmey High School, May 31, 2017: Photos|Report

Anuvoat High School, May 8, 2017: Photos|Report

Wat Koh High School, March 17, 2017: Photos|Report

Hun Sen Prek Kampeus High School, March 10, 2017: Photos|Report

Boeng Prei Hun Sen High School, February 24, 2017: Photos|Report

Phsar Daem Thkov High School, February 3, 2017: Photos|Report

Preah Yukunthor High School, January 19, 2017: Photos|Report

Classroom Forum on “The Importance of Studying the History of Democratic Kampuchea (1975-1979)” – 2016

Final Report of Classroom Forum on the Importance of Studying the History of Democratic Kampuchea (1975-1979): EN | KH

Bak Touk High School at July 08, 2016: Photos|Report

Russey Keo High School at June 24, 2016: Photos|Report

Prek Eng High School at June 17, 2016: Photos|Report

Chbar Ampoeu High School at June 03, 2016: Photos|Report

Chak Angre High School at May 19, 2016: Photos|Report

Wat Phnom High School at May 06, 2016: Photos|Report

Porng Tik High School at April 04, 2016: Photos|Report

Sisowath High School at April 01, 2016: Photos|Report

Tuol Ampil High School at March 18, 2016: Photos|Report

Arun Vortey High School at March 04, 2016: Photos|Video|Report

Chumpou Wan High School at February 19, 2016: Photos|Report

Chea Sim Chhouk Va High School at February 12, 2016: Photos|Report

Tuol Tumpoung High School at January 28, 2016: Photos|Report

Tuol Svey Prey High School at January 15, 2016: Photos|Report

Boeng Keng Kang High School at January 08, 2016: Photos|Report