Hello sir BUNTHORN,

Thank you for your attention to my email

Here are the details and some photos, the only ones I have in my possession :

UNG Than : 48 years old
UNG TOCH Ekka : 42 years old
UNG Thara : 21 years old
UNG Tharot : 18 years old
UNG Thany : 17 years old
UNG Niradey : 16 years old
UNG Serey Sokha : 15 years old
UNG Sodasy : 14 years old
UNG Thida : 12 years old
UNG Pinède : 4 years old

They was living in PHNOM PENH The 17th april 1975, i don’t know the adress but it was a home situated back to the actual hun sen’home

. Thank you very much for your help, i am very grateful to you for that. A very soon


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À : virginie UNG BENHAMIDA
Objet : Re: Missing members under khmer rouges

Dear Benhamida,

Thank for your email! I am sorry to hear that all your family members here have disappeared during the Khmer Rouge time. After reading your email, could you please give me more detail about their background such as age, position, address in Phnom Penh, where they were evacuation to when the Khmer Rouge took power the country in 1975, and their photo if you have? I hope these information will help to find your lost family members.

Best regards,

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From: virginie UNG BENHAMIDA
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Subject: Missing members under khmer rouges

Hello Mister BUNTHORN,

I search for missing members of my family.

Here are the names of the members of my family :

My grandpa : UNG Than
My grand’ma : TOCH UNG Ekka
My uncle : UNG Tharot
My aunts : UNG Thara – UNG Thany – UNG Niradey – UNG Sereysokha – UNG Sodasy – UNG Thida & UNG Pinède

Before khmers rouge, all my family was living in Phnom Penh and my grandpa was governor in Kampong Speu province

Thank you so much for your help it’s so important for us