I am so sorry I did not reply. I finally mustered up the courage to ask my mom and aunt more details. Gathering details is limited as my family is Teochew Chinese and not very familiar with Cambodian geography.

Here is the information I know:

My mom’s last name is 張. She is looking for her father, 2 brothers, and 2 sisters (names in Chinese in attaches image).

The family grew up in the “soi chi” (small market) either in or around Phnom Penh. They had 8 kids (4 girls & 4 boys). My grandfather worked in a sewing factory and my grandmother was a noodle soup peddler.

In 1975 (right before the Khmer Rouge), my grandma took my mom and 2 of mom’s brothers went to “ju sua” (diamond mountain) which I have been told is likely Pailin, so my mom could marry my dad. My grandfather stayed in “soi chi” with my mom’s 2 brothers and 2 sisters to help my aunt (eldest child) with her new family. A few months later the Khmer Rouge took over. That was the last time anyone saw her dad, 2 younger sisters, and 2 brothers.

Unfortunately, they do not have any pictures of the missing siblings. The black and white picture is the only picture they have of my grandfather.

I attached a couple of photos of my mom, grandma, and uncles from the refugee camp in Chonburi Thailand as those are the oldest photos I have of them. Hoping someone will recognize them.

Off note: My my mom (grandma & 2 uncles) was later reunited with her older sister in the Chonburi refugee camp in Thailand.

Thank you for your help and time in assisting me with locating my mom’s missing family. I am really hoping to be able to give her a happy ending or at least some closure.

Tammy French