Ung Benhamida

Hello sir BUNTHORN, Thank you for your attention to my email Here are the details and some photos, the only ones I have in my possession : UNG Than : 48 years old UNG TOCH Ekka : 42 years old UNG Thara : 21 years old UNG Tharot : 18 years old UNG Thany : […]

Tammy French

I am so sorry I did not reply. I finally mustered up the courage to ask my mom and aunt more details. Gathering details is limited as my family is Teochew Chinese and not very familiar with Cambodian geography. Here is the information I know: My mom’s last name is 張. She is looking for […]

Ros Bunnarith

Hi Youk, I really appreciate the offer. My friend whom has been back have lots of friends and will stay with them. However, just in case I will take your offer. Your BIO was breathtaking, and impressive – congratulations! I will try to connect with Sam. Do let him know that he will be expecting […]

Monica Tran

1) My name is Monica Tran, living in Paris, aged 32 (email address is monicatran@hotmail.fr) and I am looking for my lost uncle (that I have never met) but I would like to help my grand father (now 85 years old) to know what happened to his 2nd son 2) Tran Can (my grand father) […]

Quoting Maylee Keo

Hello, I am in search of my mother’s parents who have been separated from her after ’79-’80. Choun Chan Sovanna was born in Takeo in ~1953 (age 65) and Chao Chan was born in Châu ??c (before Vietnam, this was in Cambodia) in ~1945 (age 73). My mom was born Takeo in 1969. They had […]

To Whom It May Concern (Jan Wagner)

I am writing to you with a request.  It may seem like a strange request.  Therefore, first I will provide a little background information. I was in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 1970.  I was 20 years old at that time.  I had a military draft deferment due to childhood health problems which is why I […]