1) My name is Monica Tran, living in Paris, aged 32 (email address is monicatran@hotmail.fr) and I am looking for my lost uncle (that I have never met) but I would like to help my grand father (now 85 years old) to know what happened to his 2nd son
2) Tran Can (my grand father) and Tran Kieu Ngo (my grand mother, she passed away 15 years ago) had 4 kids when in Cambodia :my father, my uncle (who we are looking for), my aunt and my youngest uncle (all on the picture I sent you earlier)
3)After having been evacuated out of Phnom Penh, my family had to walk around 40 days and arrived in Vietnam where my grand mother had some relatives.
4) My uncle was in “Salomko” the day the Khmer rouge arrived while the rest of my family was in Phnom Penh. My family had to leave the city but never knew what happened to their son as they where not together the time when the Khmer rouge arrived.

I am hoping in my dreams that we could at least know what happened to him. This loss has been a real pain to my family (like many many other families). To be honest a crazy dream would be that he is still alive somewhere….
So I am hoping that this message could help in our searching.

I have attached two family pictures one in Cambodia and one in Paris (I am right next to the bride, it was 10 years ago but I do believe this is a fairly good representation of our family).

Many thanks again for your support!!

Let me know if you need anything else