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HUOT Vichheka (ហ៊ួត វិច្ឆិកា), National Translator/Interpreter

VOICES FROM THE ECCC (Extraordinary Chambers in the Court of Cambodia)/THE KHMER ROUGE TRIBUNAL

  1. 1.Can you state your position and provide a brief summary of your basic responsibilities?
  2. Can you provide any insight into what brought you to the ECCC?
  3. Did you receive any specialized training by the UN or the Cambodian government before you began work at the ECCC (or during your employment period with ECCC)?
  4. Did you find this training useful?  How could it have been better for your actual work?
  5. What are your thoughts on the positive and negative aspects of the ECCC (or restrictions or freedoms that you found at the ECCC)?
  6. Can you comment on any significant challenges faced as a National interpreter at the ECCC?
  7. What was your experience working with the international staff?
  8. Interpreters have to translate not only literal words, but also the feelings or meaning behind these words. Can you explain any circumstances in which this work was difficult, frustrating, or emotionally taxing?
  9. Are there any lessons learned, best practices, or recommendations that stand out in your mind based on your time at the ECCC?  These recommendations, best practices or lessons learned can be both for future countries (or the UN) considering an ECCC-like court, as well as prosecutors or other personnel who may be working in such courts.
  10. Can you speak on what you identify to be successes or victories, either in your personal work or the ECCC?
  11. What do you see to be significant challenges for future courts handling mass atrocities based on your work at the ECCC?
  12. What do you see to be significant challenges for Cambodia courts today and in the future?
  13. Can you recall any experiences at the ECCC that changed your perspective, opinion, or practice?
  14. Keeping within the boundaries of what has been released to the public: Can you recall any accused or survivor stories that resonate with you?
  15. What do you think is the one (or several) major impacts of the ECCC on Cambodian Society? Both today and twenty years from now?
  16. Can you speak on what you identify to be opportunities or tasks that you think should be accomplished but were not attained—either because of legal or other impediments?

(Photo by San Bunsim, July 9, 2019)