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Daniel McLaughlin, International Senior Legal Officer of Trial Chamber

VOICES FROM THE ECCC (Extraordinary Chambers in the Court of Cambodia)/THE KHMER ROUGE TRIBUNAL.

  1. Could you please tell us your name, your position with the ECCC, and a brief summary of your responsibilities?
  2. What were some of the challenges you faced, regarding either international law or the court’s structure and procedures.
  3. What parts of the court worked well?  Of the court’s policies, practices, procedures, or rules, what could be improved?
  4. Could you tell us about your interactions with the judges? Were there any you particularly liked working with or learned from?  Any anecdotes on the relationships between the judges (i.e., how they interacted or worked together)?
  5. Tell us about the civil parties. What did they think of the proceedings? How did they feel about the outcomes so far?
  6. Were there best practices that you observed during your time in the ECCC or lessons learned for future international tribunals?
  7. What do you think the major impacts of the ECCC will be on Cambodian society?  Both today and twenty years from now?

( October 30, 2019)