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OUKOUBAH: Justice for the Cham Muslims under Democratic Kampuchea Regime, Ysa Osman (2002)

This monograph explores the genocide of the Cham ethnic group, making a case that the Cham, who are Muslims, were killed a rate that was nearly double to triple that of the general Cambodian population during the Democratic Kampuchea regime. It provides evidence showing that the Cham comprised 10% of Cambodia’s population prior to 1975 (about 700,000 people), but numbered only 200,000 after the regime fell in 1979.

The author presents case studies of 13 Cham prisoners at S-21 (7 Khmer Rouge soldiers, 2 Lon Nol government officials, a student, a fisherman, a peasant, and an interrogator at S-21), all of whom were executed at the prison.

Funding provided by the Human Rights Project Funds of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom through the British Embassy, Phnom Penh.