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Classroom Forum on History of Democratic Kampuchea March 2022

On March 26, 2022 Anlong Veng Peace Center welcomed 15 youths (8 female and 7 male) from Hun Sen Trapeang Prasat High School as part of our monthly educational program on the history of Democratic Kampuchea (1975-1979). It’s the occasion for the youths to meet face to face and study the history.

At the beginning of the classroom forum, each of the participants received a copy of DK history book and other materials for the class. The class then started with the K-W-L teaching methods so that each could share what they have known and learned about the Khmer Rouge regime. Each had the opportunity to ask a question on the second column of the chart.

Their questions included the reasons of why the Khmer Rouge came to power, who was the top leaders of the movement? Why the KR stripped its population of the rights and freedoms? Having these questions in mind, the participants were assigned to work collectively on some specific chapters in the history book. They also presented the chapters to the class and responded to any questions.

The classroom then continued with presentation on the DK history and also genocide prevention method that individual, community and country could do. While all the youths reiterated that it’s important to prevent mass atrocity from happening, 93.3% of them felt that they increased their knowledge of the KR history. The same percentage of 93.3% believed that education on history is valuable to prevent genocide.

Below are some feedbacks from the youths:

Ou Mei-Oeur, 15, said: “Genocide is very disastrous if it’s committed. As a youth, I would join in the effort to prevent it through the elimination of violence on children and women, the participation in social work, the search for justice for the victims, the teaching of children on the consequence of it, and the always adherence to a peaceful compromise.”

Chhay Sothun, 17, said: “after attending the classroom forum, I’ve learned a lot about the KR regime and the adverse effect on the people’s lives. As a youth, I would contribute to the prevention of such a genocide through the sharing of my knowledge with others.”

Team: Sout Vechet, Hean Pisey, Mek Ven and Ly Sok-Kheang

Photo link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/8jgxTWAxMMM4AGuK7