JOURNEY TO FREEDOM: Ronnie Yimsut Translated by Eng Kok-Thay (2006)

In this memoir, Cambodian-American Yimsut recalls his experiences as a 15-year old boy who survived five years of civil war, three years in a labor camp, Thai prison, and refugee camps before becoming a naturalized US citizen. Funding provided by NZAID (New Zealand) and the author.

THE CHAM REBELLION: Survivors’ Stories from the Villages, Ysa Osman (2006)

In October 1975, two Cham Muslim villages in Kampong Cham province staged brief and ill-fated rebellions against their oppressors, who had banned the practice of Islam. Armed with swords, knives, sticks, stones and two guns, they killed a member of the subdistrict committee and the  chief of the district youth group. After the rebellions were […]