Lao Sunthareth, Student

I grew up in a middle class family; we had a car. My father Lao Chheng Sorn worked in a laboratory at a private hospital in Phnom Penh and earned six or seven thousand riels a month. His salary was high enough so that his father, nephew and niece could come to live with us. […]

Chem Hing, Driver

When I was young I did not a chance to get an education. Although my siblings went to school, I stayed at home and worked as a farmer to support my family. I also took care of my sick parents. My husband Chem Hing came from Kandal Province. One day, he went to visit his […]

Em Phal, Typist Sar Son, Film Technician

My sister was very beautiful and the tallest of the four daughters in our family. My mother loved her the most of her six children, and took Phal with her wherever she went. When Phal was young, she studied at Rokar Kaong Primary School and played volleyball. She dropped out of secondary school and moved […]

Meas Sarin, Typist

When I was in high school in Phnom Penh, I liked sports and played basketball. My father supported my love of sports, and at one time, I was ranked as the second-best woman player in the country. After I graduated, I became a typist at the Seng Thai Company and continued living with my family. […]

Ly Yousep and Ly Smael, Fishermen

When I was young, I lived with my older sister in Phnom Penh, and sold cakes in my spare time. One man often bought my cakes; sometimes, he bought all of them at once. One day he asked some elderly people to come and ask for my hand in marriage. It took eight months for […]

Siv Sokh Kea, Taxi Cab Owner

My wife and I are Cambodian Chinese, but we cannot speak Chinese. We did not meet until our wedding day, even though we are great cousins. Our parents arranged our marriage, and as their son, I did not dare say no to them. Our wedding ceremony was celebrated based on both Chinese and Khmer customs. […]

Taing Hai Sang, Truck Driver

I never went to school, but my husband Hai Sang was literate. He was half Chinese and came from Kampong Speu Province. He had relatives who lived next door to our house in Phnom Penh. They liked me, and asked my parents if I was available. They told Hai Sang about me, so he came […]

Mak Tun, Cyclo Driver

I married two men; both were my relatives. My first marriage was arranged to a farmer from my village in Phnom Penh. After we were married, he helped sell cakes at a shop near O Russey market and I farmed. Although he earned 1,300 riel a month, he never gave me any money. After we […]

Mam Bun Lorn, Silk Weaver

Bun Lorn worked near Rorka Kong market in Kandal Province. I used to go there to buy food for my family. He watched me for a year, but I didn’t really notice him. One day, his parents came to mine and arranged our marriage. I didn’t meet him until our wedding day in 1969. I […]

Chaing Chaem, Monk

Chaing Chaem was head of the Tet Mountain Buddhist monastery in Chamkar Leu District of Kampong Cham Province. He was very famous for his black magic, and many people still remember him. My grandmother Voek was a Buddhist nun who also respected and believed in his magical powers. When I was young, she took me […]